S0xP Protocol Worlds at Edge Esmeralda

Summer of Protocols and 0xPARC, collectively S0xP, are organizing Protocol Worlds during Edge Esmeralda: a week-long practical inquiry into the intersection of paradigm-shifting futures.

Throughout the week, participants will be invited to co-create worlds that emerge from the convergence of protocolized constraints. Researchers and practitioners in domains ranging from architecture to cryptography will expose participants to the most significant tensions in their fields. Creatives with experience in analog and digital mediums will help bring these universes to life. Part scavenger hunt, part exquisite corpse, the week will culminate with a playful reveal of these speculative futures and a reflection on the intersection of speculative foresight across fields.

Protocol Worlds will kick off on Sunday, June 23rd, with a half-day workshop. From Monday, June 24, to Thursday, June 26, daily world-building workshops will take place to help teams instantiate their worlds and onboard new contributors. On Friday, June 27th, participants will gather to share their work and reflect on the process of integrating constraints into their world. More information & RSVPs can be found on the Edge Esmeralda Calendar.