Summer of Protocols will be hosting a Protocol Week at Edge Esmeralda, June 23-28, with a particular focus on futures and world building with protocols, in collaboration with 0xParc. The rough agenda (detailed agenda TBA) is roughly as follows:

  • Sunday, June 23: Intensive workshop on protocols, futures, and world-building
  • Monday June 24 – Friday June 27: Freewheeling collaboration and informal evening salons
  • Saturday, June 28: Closing workshop to share and synthesize the work and discuss next steps.

Protocol Week at Edge Esmeralda is part of the Summer of Protocols 2024 program. A few researchers from both the 2023 and 2024 cohorts will be present, and selected guests will be invited for the opening and closing workshop days.

The goal of the workshop is to provide an rich but open collaborative environment to help individuals and teams workshop and prototype creative ideas for protocol-themed storytelling, visual arts, and world-building in particular, as well as promote wide-ranging discussions on protocols.

Capacity for formal participation is limited and will be first-come-first-serve, with priority for Summer of Protocols researchers, but the week’s events will also be open to drop-in participation by anyone already going to Edge Esmeralda.

If you’re in SoP1 or SoP2 cohorts and would like to attend, please let Tim or Venkat know early. If you’re not in the SoP program, but would like to attend as a guest of SoP for the opening and/or closing sessions, please contact us at and we will extend a limited number of invitations.

While the core activities will be during Protocol Week, we highly encourage members of the Summer of Protocols community to apply to Edge Esmeralda and plan their activities around the opportunities for collaboration that will be available there.