This 6-part work of speculative fiction, set in the year 2065 is told through the lens of a journalist reporting on the City of Vancouver, BC, three decades after its transition to protocolized governance. Though many definitions of a protocol have been offered, for our purposes, protocols are defined here as encouraging a set of behaviors that when adopted by a sufficient number of participants in a situation, reliably leads to good-enough outcomes for all. The series takes some of the discussions we’ve had during this journey and follows those threads along a half-lit path into the distant future. Though imaginary, the stories are deeply grounded in past and present knowledge, fusing them with what we might expect to see. Here, speculative fiction is used as a vehicle for hope; its purpose is to explore the roads we might take, how we might build them, and share them in a grounded vision of what we are moving towards. Instead of asking what happens if it all goes wrong, I pose the question, what if it goes right? It’s a question we rarely ask and a scenario we often don’t dare allow ourselves to imagine.

Sharing Protocol