Imagine navigating memories stored on circular hard disks, much like flipping through room numbers in a building. Just as people rely on room numbers to find their way, a comparable process is used to locate specific memories on these disks by computers. In this visual narrative, to recover fuzzy memories, a character in the story enters a spiral building that looks like a stack of disks. They hold a memo with an address-like number, so try to look for a room that matches a given code. Along the way, the character is reminded of their memories through sounds and feelings related to those memories. It’s akin to reliving those experiences for humans, but it also represents the journey of a computer process retrieving a memory from data storage. For this character, finding these memories is like trying to “re-move” them, but for another character next to the person, it’s like sorting and organizing memories for removal, much like tidying up. The project title “re-move” illustrates the end of a synthetic being’s existence through artwork, exploring how protocols of memory, death, and space can be connected in life.

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